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Fruit Punch - "The Big Poppa"
Happy Dad

1g sugar

Gluten free

100 calories

Happy Dad Happy Dad
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Happy Dad Fruit Punch Hard Seltzer is a true game-changer refreshment for those seeking a crisp, delightful, gluten-free seltzer experience. Unlike other seltzers, it boasts a gentle level of carbonation, and its all-natural flavors ensure a pure and unadulterated taste that leaves no lingering aftertaste. Fruit Punch stands out as the crowd-pleaser among our flavors, offering a light and invigorating sensation with every sip. Whether you're at a ball game, poolside, hitting the beach, enjoying a lakeside retreat, or simply sharing good times at a barbecue, our generous 24-ounce can is your ideal companion for those memorable moments with friends and family. Make Happy Dad Fruit Punch Hard Seltzer your go-to beverage and elevate any occasion with its fruity and refreshing charm. The Big Poppa sized 24oz can contains two servings, each serving has 100 calories, 5% alcohol, and 1g carbs. Please drink responsibly. 21+.